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  • 3 Popular Workouts You Can do with Your Dog

    The New Year and all of our resolutions for 2022 are here! Many of us like to start off with aspirations of a healthier lifestyle. Lucky for us dog owners, we already have a workout buddy ready to support our more active lifestyle. Here are three great pup-friendly workouts! 1) Running or Jogging While dogs may be more docile than their wolf ancestors, we couldn't (and wouldn't) breed away their natural love of running! Because our four-legged buddies love the outdoors and jogging so much, they make the perfect running partners. Personal Challenge: Dogs are born to be power sprinters. Entertain your pet and push your limits by racing against your dog as part of interval training. You might be surprised at how much your fur baby can help improve your run time! 2) Hiking As professional pet sitters, we know from just a few walks how curious and adventurous our pups can be. That's what makes them the perfect hiking buddies! Just remember, if your fur baby isn't used to traversing long trails, make sure you give them time to build up their stamina too. Personal Challenge: Our canine buddies need mental stimulation, just like we do. That's why going new places or taking them to different routes is important to help satiate their curious minds. This year, challenge yourself to explore different trails or areas as part of your hiking goals. 3) Frisbee What's more iconic than tossing a frisbee for your fur buddy? Not much! But don't think that you have to sit still while your dog gets all that heart-healthy cardio. Frisbee games have evolved into many active sports, like ultimate frisbee and disc golf. Personal Challenge: While your dog may help you work up a sweat now and again, you may want to step up your workout routine by inviting some structure. Join a local ultimate frisbee league or set up one yourself! Need more info? For local running and hiking trails that are pet-friendly, check out this local guide. If you're interested in joining a local ultimate frisbee league, look here. Or if you want to enjoy a local disc golf course, there's a great public location here. If you're looking for help getting your dog some appropriate exercise, or you just need a rest day, Fluff provides a mile of exercise for your pet on each walk, guaranteed! To learn more about our services, visit our website. Or, if you'd like to meet your local sitter, get your free, no obligation consultation here!

  • Pet-Safe Thanksgiving Flavors

    Thanksgiving is nearly here, and that means plenty of food, drink, and for the fur kids...table scraps! There's sure to be enough food to go around this season, but let's keep in mind that not all Thanksgiving favorites are safe or healthy for your pets to consume. So which foods are okay to give your dog when they are giving you those puppy eyes? A good rule of thumb is to avoid any foods that are overly processed or seasoned (like boxed stuffing). To clear things up, we've listed some safe (and yummy) options for your fur babies this Thanksgiving: Turkey Salmon Sweet Potatoes Green Beans Carrots Pumpkin Eggs Remember, all of these food options should be COOKED and UNSEASONED to avoid any digestion issues. Common seasonings, like garlic powder, can be hazardous to your pet's health so always avoid anything that's already been prepped for human consumption. PRO TIP: While you're cooking, set aside a Tupperware container to place a few unseasoned items for your fur babies. Done boiling the sweet potatoes? Set one aside for Fido's snack. Cracked open that can of pumpkin? Spoon a little out before adding it to your pie mix. Boiled those eggs? Put one in a doggy bag before you devil 'em up! You get the picture. Leaving the Fur Babies Behind this Thanksgiving? That's okay! Fluff is here to spread the love this holiday season and we'd be happy to take care of your babies over Thanksgiving. You get a full update with photos every time your Fluff sitter comes by so you don't have miss your babe while with family. Meeting your local sitter is always free to do and doesn't obligate you to use us. We just want to make sure we're a good fit! Get a free consultation with your sitter or contact us with any questions about our services.

  • Five Dos and Don'ts for Pet Owners this Independence Day

    Last year around this time, most of us had acquiesced to a life less fulfilling than before. We stayed indoors, learned a hobby, and started drinking wine with our pets instead of human company. We truly lost our sense of freedom all due to an icky virus. So, now that we are all vaccinated, we know that this Independence Day is going to be EPIC! But before we indulge, let us not forget about our old drinking buddies, a.k.a. the fur babies. Below are the top dos and don'ts for keeping your pets comfortable this Fourth of July. Do... Keep dangerous items out of reach. Matches, lighter fluid, citronella candles, insect coils, tiki torch oil, sparklers, glow sticks, and fireworks all contain harmful chemicals that can cause illness or death if ingested or inhaled in large amounts. So, though these items may be fun and festive for us, keep them away from fur kids who don't know any better. Be mindful of the heat. Your pet can't tell you if the heat is making them uncomfortable. If your fur baby is outside with you, look for signs that they may be overheating (excessive panting, drooling, lethargic behavior, slow or heavy breathing, etc.). And always provide a respite area in the shade and cool water. Leave your pets home. If you're planning on visiting a friend or family member's BBQ, leave your fur baby home. Though it's tempting to bring them along, remember, they may not have as much fun as you when they're surrounded by new people and scary fireworks. Make a little fortress for your fur kid. It is a safe bet to leave your fur baby in an escape-proof area of your home. Even if they are not at a party with fireworks, sounds of nearby fireworks are still very frightening to fur kids, and they may run off because of the sound. Update your pet's tags and microchip. Though we hope you won't need it, it's best practice to make sure your pet's ID tags and microchip both reflect accurate contact information. Runaways due to fireworks happen often, but most pets are reunited with their parents due to good forethought and planning. Don't... Bring your pet to a large gathering or one that has fireworks. If you are dead-set on brining your fur kid with you to a party, just make sure it's a low-key one. Your fur kid may not enjoy the crowds like you do...and we've yet to meet a dog that loves the sound of fireworks. Leave alcoholic drinks where pets can reach them. Despite all the drinking references, the truth is that companion animals do not process alcohol like humans do. If a pet accidentally ingests an inappropriate amount of alcohol it may cause severe physical problems and can potentially be life threatening. Apply any sunscreen or insect repellent to your pet. Though these products are safe for people, there are chemicals in sunscreen and insect repellents that could result in serious injury to your pet, including neurological problems. Ingesting these products can result in drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and lethargy. Feed your pet table scraps. We know it's tempting to share, but avoid table scraps and bones from grilled meat. There are many foods that can upset your pets stomach, and many of them are used in seasonings! So play it safe and stick to kibble. Bring your pet to a large gathering or one that has fireworks. If you are dead-set on brining your fur kid with you to a party, just make sure it's a low-key one. Your fur kid may not enjoy the crowds like you do...and we've yet to meet a dog that loves the sound of fireworks. We hope these tips help you have a great Fourth of July weekend! If you're leaving your fur kiddo behind, we'd be happy to help out while you're gone. You can learn more about us here, or you can meet one of our fantastic sitters with no obligation to use us!

  • Post Pandemic Pet Care: What do I do if my pet has anxiety?

    Quarantine was a stressful time for all of us. But it created the perfect environment for many of us to start a hobby, achieve a personal goal, or finally be able to grow our families with a new, furry addition. Those in the last category, with a new dog or cat in the mix, might be noticing some concerning behavior from our furry friends now that we are getting back to normal. Unfortunately, we can't all keep our pandemic schedules, and any schedule change can be stressful and anxiety-inducing for our fur babies. Here are some signs that your fur kid isn't adjusting very well to post pandemic life: They have potty accidents they didn't have before Destructive behavior (ripping apart the couch, chewing on the stairs, scratching doors) becomes common when you're away Excessive barking, howling, or meowing Acting out aggressively to strangers or new pets Excessive drooling Panting when not in the heat or exercising Being lethargic or seeming depressed They become restless Your pet develops repetitive actions They have a reduced or increased appetite Does this sound like your fur baby? If so, you're not alone. Even seasoned pet owners are seeing changes in their pet's behavior after being at home for so long. Just because you've been home, however, doesn't mean you have to be stuck there because your pet has developed an over-attachment. Here's some steps you can start taking so that your transition back to work (or that long-deserved vacation) can happen without stressing your pet out. Make sure your pet has structure. To prevent anxious behavior from becoming worse when you're away, you should always make sure your pet has structure. This could mean they have a set schedule for meals, playtime, and potty time. It could also mean that you give your pet boundaries in your home. By establishing structure, you are letting your pet know that you are in control. Even better, you are setting a standard operating procedure for your pet to follow and they will be able to find security in their boundaries, instead of relying on your presence to keep them calm and collected. Teach them basic commands. If your pet (specifically your dog) doesn't know basic commands, teach them now. It's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks and obedience training is not only a great way to bond with your pet, it helps instill good behavioral habits. Give them something else to focus on. No matter how structured or well-behaved your pet is, they may still feel overwhelmed when you're away. A great tactic to help keep them from destructive or rambunctious behavior is to give them something else to focus on while you're gone. This could be something as simple as a kong filled with their favorite snacks or an extra scratching post. For more intellectual stimulation, there are puzzles and games you can leave behind for your pet as well. Don't make abrupt changes. We've spent the last year dealing with the unpredictable. However, one thing we know for sure is that we are starting to leave the house more. To avoid a total anxiety melt-down from your pet, start by going out for short intervals at a time and slowly extend your time away from home. For example, you can start by heading out for one or two hours to grab groceries every few days. Then, the next week, you can spend up to four hours away, then six, then eight. As your pet is adjusting, they won't always be perfect. Get your fur baby a buddy. If you're concerned about your pet's behavior while you're out of the house, get someone to swing by to check on them. With Fluff, you can order a pet sitter to your home, like you would a ride-share, for some on-demand playtime. No matter who you get to visit your pet, they'll enjoy the extra loving. Start getting your pet used to other people. If you are planning an extended time away from home, make sure your pet has time to get acclimated to other people, ideally the person who will be watching them while you're away. If your pet has the chance to get used to another person, they will be less likely to act out when you're enjoying your getaway. For this reason, Fluff offers 20% off of all services scheduled during the week before your vacation dates. Make your home "oops" proof. No matter how much you try and prepare your pet, they may still be a nervous Nelly when you are out of the house. That's why it is always a good idea to make your home anxiety-proof by keeping your pet in an area where they can't do as much damage. This could mean making sure your dog is crate trained, or keeping your cat in an uncarpeted area. No matter how you go about addressing your fur kid's anxiety issues, we know that you love them, and so do they! If your fur kid needs help adjusting, Fluff is here to back you up. To see if your pet is prepared for you to leave, you can always schedule a free consultation with one of our certified sitters. Meeting them doesn't obligate you to use us, but we want to make sure you and your pet are 100% comfortable with us before committing. For more tips and tricks, visit the rest of our blog! In the meantime, we wish you a smooth transition back to normalcy!

  • Pet Safe BBQ: Sharable Nom-Noms for Your Fur Baby

    Memorial Day is almost here! After the year we've had, we are all ready to have some fun at our patriotic parties; part of which is the all-sacred barbecue. Just the thought of the grill probably has you daydreaming about the perfectly grilled hotdogs and burgers coming your way this weekend. As much as we like those tasty treats, our pets (especially dogs) will be smacking their lips even more! We put together a list of foods that are safe for your furry friends to eat so they can join in the festivities too. Caution: there is always some inherent risk when feeding your pet human food. Make sure that everything is unseasoned, without seeds, and boneless to prevent harm to your pet. If you are not sure if something is for your pet to consume, always check with your vet! Dog Safe Grill Foods Hot Dogs: Hot dogs are the perfect Memorial Day Weekend food to give to your dog because they can be cut up into treat-sized pieces to give to your dog... especially if you've dressed them up! Hamburgers: Fatty meats can be dangerous for your dog's health. That being said, burgers will be hard for your pup to resist. A burger is okay for your pup in in small quantities. If you do decide to share this delicacy with your babe, we recommend only a few pieces of a cooked, plain patty to avoid giving them tummy issues. Other Meats: Foods like chicken, ribs, fish, and other grilled meats are safe to feed your dog, but it is important to remove any and all bones as they can be choking hazards or cause internal damage to your pup. (Some) Veggies: Grilled veggies make for a tasty side or meat replacement at barbecues, and some are also a safe treat to give your to your dog, so long as they don't have any allergies. Here's a list of what veggies your dog can and can't eat, respectively: Fine to eat: Brussel sprouts Carrots Celery Green beans Peas Dangerous to eat: Asparagus Mushrooms Onions Spinach 5. (Some) Fruits: Who doesn't love pineapples in the shape of stars or red, white, and blue fruit platters? Your dog should get to enjoy these deliciously healthy treats as well! But remember, not all fruits are good for fact some can be toxic. And always remember to only feed your doggo fruit flesh, not seeds or pits, as these can be poisonous or a choking hazard. Here are the okay and not okay fruits to give your fur baby, respectively. Fine to eat: Apples Bananas Blueberries Cantaloupes Cucumbers (...wait...that's a fruit!?) Cranberries Mangoes Oranges Peaches Pears Pineapples Raspberries Strawberries Watermelon Dangerous to eat: Avocados Cherries Grapes Tomatoes Going to a friend's cookout? If you're headed to a barbecue that your friend or neighbor is hosting, it may be hard to make sure your pet has safe eating options. Besides, who want's to fret about their fur kids while relaxing with people you haven't seen in a while? If you think you'd enjoy your Memorial Day more without your dog at your heels, feel free to leave your baby in our care. We're alway happy to add another furry face to the Fluff family. You can request a time to meet your local sitter here. Meeting your sitter is free to do and comes with no obligation to use us. We just want to see if we're a good fit. In a rush? You can order a sitter to your home, like you would a ride share, by downloading the iOS app, Fluff - Pet Services. Or, check out our website for more info about our services.

  • 8 Best Pet Friendly Hiking Spots in RTP

    The weather is getting warmer, and we are all itching to get out and about. We sniffed out the best fur baby friendly hikes in the Research Triangle Park area, so you didn't have to. Check out what's below to see where your next outdoor adventure may be! Lake Johnson Park The Lake Johnson Park trails are the perfect place for a short outing with your furry friend! You can choose to walk along a 2.8-mile paved pathway on the east side of the Lake Johnson River, or you can get closer to nature on their natural surface trails. Photo from Walnut Creek Greenway Trail If you’re looking for a longer journey, then the Walnut Creek Greenway Trail suits you! Starting at Lake Johnson and ending at the Neuse River Trail, Walnut Creek Greenway Trail takes you on a 15 mile journey through southern Raleigh. What’s so great about this trail is that it connects to the Centennial Bikeway Connector, the Rocky Branch Trail, the Little Rock Trail, and the Neuse River Trail. Photo from Piney Mountain Trail Piney Mountain Trail is located just outside of Durham, North Carolina, with a beautiful forest and a river. The trail is 3.5 miles long, accessible year round, and dog friendly! The estimated time to complete the hike is 1.5 hours, so it’s the perfect break for anyone! Photo from Al Buehler Cross Country Trail Located on the Duke University Golf Course, the Al Buehler trail is a 2.9 mile trail meant for easy hiking and walking. Not only do you have access to the trail itself, you can also take your pup for a tour around Duke University and witness the beautiful architecture! Photo from Falls Lake Trail The Falls Lake Trail in its entirety is 50 miles long with a variety of features to keep everyone on the hike engaged! Some of the highlighted features include the Neuse River shore, the Falls Lake Dam, the Eno River, a connecting portion of the North Carolina Mountains-to-Sea State Trail, recreational areas, and camping stops. Photo from Occoneechee Mountain State Park This area is located more than 350 feet above the Eno, and the Occoneechee Mountain summit is the highest point in Orange County. Hikers have three miles of trails to explore which run through forests, ponds, and elevated bluffs… all of which are perfect to snap some pics of your pup! There are different trails depending on your desired difficulty, or you can fish on the Eno River, take a picnic, or even go on a program led by a ranger! Photo from Johnston Mill Nature Preserve The Johnston Mill Nature Preserve boasts 300-acres of land, 3.5 miles of walking and hiking paths, and is just a short drive from downtown Chapel Hill. During your trip, you will get a blast from the past through different landmarks such as the Johnston family farm, what is left of two old gristmills, and trees that date back to 150 years ago. Photo from Poet’s Walk Poet’s Walk is a great little adventure for anyone who enjoys the outdoors (like your dog) and loves history! Poet’s Walk features a rich history as it is located on the property of Ayr Mount, which was a Federal-era planation house built in 1815. It is a one-mile walking trails that snakes through the woodlands and pastures on the banks of the Eno River. The trail also has attractions like the Kirkland Family Cemetery, the Old Tavern Foundation, and Hillsborough’s Old Indian Trading Path. Photo from We are so glad that everything has begun to open up, but we still need to take measures to keep ourselves and our fur babies feeling well. Even if you're vaccinated, make sure to wear a mask when inside or in close contact with others. If you or your pet isn't feeling well, stay home! It's also important make sure you come prepared for every adventure: water for you and your furry friend, sunscreen, proper attire depending on the weather and location, and any other special equipment needed for each individual adventure; your safety is always a priority! Spring is finally turning into summer, and we can all take a moment to stop and smell the roses... literally!

  • Top 10 Items You Need for Your New Cat

    Move over everybody, there's a new kitten in town! And that means...torn up carpets, stinky poo poos, and hairballs...right? Wrong! Getting a new fur kiddo adjusted to your home is a big step, but it doesn't have to be as messy as it may seem so long as you have all the right tools in place. Here's a list of must-haves for your new fur baby. If you end up seeing something you like, click the picture to learn more! 1. Litter and Litter Box When it comes to litter, there are plenty of types to choose from. In our experience, cats tend to stick their nose up at scented litters, and in a new home there are more than enough new smells for them to deal with. Start with a simple unscented cat litter and go from there. Fresh step is a common brand and has earned its place in the hearts of many cat owners. Litter boxes, on the other hand, are a whole different ball game. You can go with your basic, open-box type, covered, or even automatic scooping! To start, we highly recommend that you use an open litter box with a mat to keep the area clean. Some cats may be skittish or nervous as they are getting acclimated to your home and may find the dome-shaped cover of covered litter boxes too scary. The same goes for automatic litter boxes as well. So try something basic like the product below. Oh, and don't forget a scoop! 2. Food and Treats Now on to the fun stuff! Food! Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, we realize that food preferences and dietary needs are vast. So we won't jump into specifics. However, it is imperative that you keep a close eye on your fur baby whenever you introduce new things into their diets. That includes any new kibble, wet food, or snacks. If you're not careful, you could overlook an allergy or digestion issue triggered by the diet change. The same goes for any treats or snacks you allow your pet to have. In general, you want to avoid anything that is high-calorie or contains additives. Of course, cats are notoriously finicky, so it may be hard to find the perfect snackum for them. We suggest starting out with a grain-free, all-natural, freeze-dried product, like the minnow snacks below. Yum! 3. Vitamins and Supplements Some cats come to the table needing a little more TLC. That means they may need extra supplements or a multivitamin to keep them happy and healthy. You should never start your cat on any supplements without consulting a veterinarian, so please talk to them before committing to one. A common supplement for cats is Lysine, which helps control congestion in cats with certain ailments. Again...DO NOT SELF-PRESCRIBE VITAMINS OR SUPPLEMENTS FOR YOUR CAT AND ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN FIRST! In case you have spoken to your vet and are ready to try a Lysine supplement, we have had great luck with Viralys' treat version. Try these snackies with your kitty, or their powdered version sprinkled over food! 4. Scratchers Obviously you love your cat and your furniture, but you shouldn't have to choose between the two. Making sure your home is equipped with the appropriate scratchers is vital. But don't forget you also need the right amount in the right places. The best scratchers try to imitate textures in nature. So a tightly-knit cardboard pattern or woven rope would do well. You should also place them at different angles. Some scratchers come with adhesives for your wall or are built to lay on your floor. Before you commit to one type, try a few inexpensive options to figure out which kind of scratcher your cat prefers best. Or...ya know...go ham and get this ridiculously cute mushroom scratcher...because why not?? 5. Perches In nature, cats love to stay in elevated places. That's because cats think they're better than everyone else and like to look down on everyone....okay maybe we aren't sure about that one, but it's a common opinion. Either way, it's probably best to keep your kitten off your countertops and cabinets for sanitary reasons. Though it's not an easy feat, you can train your cat to stay on their perch instead. You can opt for a cat tree on the smaller side, or go all out with one that has multiple tiers, hammocks, and scratchers included. If you have more than one cat in the home, a larger perch is a great way to give them space. 6. Food and Water Bowls There's normally not much to think about when it comes to serving up grub for your kitten. But you do want to consider a few things when choosing the right food and water bowls. First of all, it's important to think about their feeding schedule. Do you want to make food available to your pet 24/7? Or do you want to limit their feeding? If so, do you have the ability to keep a solid routine with them? If not you may want to consider a pet sitter or an automatic feeder. Otherwise, you just want to make sure you buy something sturdy (cats love to flip their bowls around to let you know they're empty) and, preferably BPA free. In fact, since some cats develop a habit of eating plastic, it may be best to go straight for a ceramic or stainless steel bowl instead. 7. Collars and Bells Let us not forget the importance of cat fashhhioooonn! Cat collars and harnesses are not just for dolling up your fur baby. If your cat is allowed outside, also consider a harness. Collars slip off easily sometimes, and other times they get stuck while your fur baby is sneaking around. In those moments, a collar can easily become a choking hazard, so we suggest that a harness is best in those situations. (Psst! If your kitten is young enough you can even train them to go on walks! Always consult a pro about this first.). 8. Nail Clippers Sometimes the best scratcher isn't enough to tame super sharp claws. In those moments, nail clippers are a lifesaver. If you start clipping your kitten's nails at a young age and associate it with something paw-sitive (see what we did there?) you can calmly clip your pet's nails throughout their life. Some people find that clipping nails can be done easily with a pair of human nail clippers. For sanitary (and sanity) reasons, we do not recommend this. There are paw-some (oh god we can't stop.) options for cat nail clippers readily available. Clipping with nail clippers made for a cat's claw is always more hygenic, easy, and makes for a prettily groomed set of nails. 9. Toys Nothing is better for a kitten's growing brain than a little stimulation. Playing with a variety of toys is a great way to get there! But, as we all know, cats can be particular in their taste. It wouldn't be worth it to dump your money on expensive toys, only to have your kitten enjoy hiding in the box. Our suggestion is to start out with less expensive toys to see what they like. Feathers, for example, are inexpensive and almost always a crowd pleaser. You can also buy packs of small toys and see which your cat prefers best. Finally, the majority of cats can't resist a bit of catnip. Make sure you grab some and sprinkle it on (or in) whatever toys you buy to get your cat's attention! 10. Carrier As you get your new kitten up to date on all their shots, bring them in for occasional check ups, or if there is an emergency, you will be looking to grab a comfy and reliable crate to carry your cat in. You never want to let your cat roam free in the car for safety reasons. So finding a good crate, and getting your fur baby used to it, are vital. There are a multitude of options out there for your cat, so do your research. For convenience purposes, we've found that a top-loading carrier is wonderful, but you must chose what's best for you. Final Word No matter which type or brand of these products you choose, we know you will do everything you can to make sure it's the right pick for your fur baby. That being said, pet sitters are no different. We encourage you to do your homework when selecting a sitter...and that includes us! Before you try Fluff, meet one of our sitters for free to make sure we're the right fit for you and your fur kid!

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  • Refer a Friend, Get Rewarded!

    What do you get when you put together an amazing team of animal lovers and a kick-butt referral program? An amazing, lovable mutt of a company; Fluff Pet Sitting! We want our customers to know how awesome they are, so our referral program is one of the best out there. Here's the deets... Discounts Every Time a Friend Signs Up Your eyeballs saw right. We will give you and your friend a 10% discount on your next service order, when your friend signs up and completes their first round of services. The catch here? There is none! We will discount any amount of services, so long as they are on the same invoice. So if you're going out of town and need Fluff all week, make sure to tell your neighbor about us first! Free Services for You and Your Fur Baby Yep. For every third person you refer, you get a free service (excluding Sleep Rovers). So get to yappin' about how Fluff has done great things for your fuzzy ones! Want to hear from the community about our awesome service? Check out our five star rating on Google! Unlock Life-long Savings So what happens when you convert even more of your friends to the ways of Fluff? When you reach your 10th referral, you get 5% off of services FOR LIFE. This benefit can be unlocked twice for a total of 10% off for life if you successfully refer 20 people to Fluff. Plus, we'll send your fur baby fun gifts along the way as you start referring. Oh yeah, when we spoil, we go all in! So tell your friends, family, and even that guy you don't even like who sits next to you in the break room (because his dog is still probably cool) that Fluff's got the stuff for them! #Petsitting #betterpetsitter #dogwalking #referralprogram #fluffpetsitting #Fluff #tellyourfriends #freepetsitting #discountpetsitting #coupons

  • Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: 3 Fall Flavors Your Pet Can Enjoy!

    Ahhhh...September is upon us, and before anyone could even say "Labor Day Weekend" the infamous comeback of the pumpkin spice latte began. Forbes, as well as other reputable news sources, have already begun talking about when Starbucks will announce its favorite fall flavor's return. All this buzz over pumpkin spice is nothing new, but as a puppy mom (and lover of all four-legged fur balls) I can't help but wonder, what's in it for the pets? Are there any fall flavors that our fluffy friends can enjoy? The answer is...Yes! 1. Pumpkin The returning champion of the autumn line-up is, of course, pumpkin. But did you know pumpkin has some serious benefits for cats and dogs? Don't go feeding Fido and Snowball sweetened or sugary pumpkin pie filling, but a tbsp or so of spice-free cooked pumpkin on your pet's regular food can help with digestive health, urinary health, and weight loss. Plus, it tastes awesome! 2. Butternut Squash Okay, okay, we know that butternut squash is just pumpkin's ugly cousin. But when butternut squash lets her hair down and takes off her glasses, it's like she's a whole different autumn starch! Butternut squash is 100% safe for your pet PLUS it provides some amazing health benefits. This veggie is packed with potassium, which promotes heart health in our little furry loved ones. 3. Cranberry The almighty cranberry packs a big punch for it's small size. Though technically known for its saucy exploits at Christmas (really hoping someone enjoyed that pun), we've thrown it in this article because it deserves some recognition. Cranberries are safe for cats and dogs to enjoy in moderation, and can help with oral health, eye sight, and of course urinary tract infections. Warning: Beware of dried cranberries which can be overly sugary and devoid of nutrition. If your pet likes these treats, feed them raw cranberries sparingly, as too many can upset your fur baby's tummy. Wrapping it up Though there are many people foods that pets can't partake in, there's no reason why a bit of wholesome fall flavors can't be enjoyed by our pets. Just remember to use these foods as occasional treats. No one food or flavor can replace a healthy balanced diet! So what do you think? I'm sure I missed plenty of options for the Fidos and Snowballs in our lives. Are there any other fall foods you like to share with your pet? Comment below! #pets #pumpkinspice #pumpkin #butternutsquash #cranberry #cranberries #autumn #fall #fluff #petparents #fluffpetsitting #Fluff #Dog #Cat #feed #safe #healthy

  • There's No Place Like Home: 7 Reasons Why In-Home Pet Care is Best for Pets

    Before we start comparing, we'd just like to say that, much like pet sitters, not all kennels are created equally. If you've found a great doggy day care that lets your pup relax while you're away, that's awesome. However, many people don't realize the amount of stress their pets deal with when they are separated from their family AND their home. So, before you make that boarding call, make sure you've considered all your options. Here are eight thought-provoking reasons about why pet sitting might just be the better option... 1. You Don't Have to Mess With Stress We know you've heard it a million times before, so we won't insult your intelligence; the bottom line is that animals just do better in familiar environments (like their own homes). New locations with different people can add unnecessary stress to your pet's life, especially when you're not there to help them adjust. This mental duress can also lead to nasty physical ailments like shaking, diarrhea, and lethargy. So while you're relaxing, why not make sure your fur baby is as comfortable as possible at home? 2. Your Furry Friend Gets Their Workout Some kennels have open areas where dogs can play at select times during their stay. That's all well and good, but does your boarding facility come with guaranteed exercise and play time? How large is the area that your dog gets to roam? How clean is it? How many other dogs does your pet have to share that space with? You might not know the answers to those questions, but I'm sure you know the size of your yard, or how long your pet likes to be walked. Fluff Certified Sitters take your pet's specific needs into consideration (as should other pet sitters in general) and with Fluff, your pet is guaranteed exercise while your away with our One Mile Guarantee. 3. The Spotlight is on Your Pet Your pets are social creatures. Unfortunately, boarding facilities rarely promise enough interactive time with your pet to genuinely stimulate them and ensure that they are happy. Ultimately, a kennel staff's attention is divided between your pet, and many others. When a sitter sets aside time for your fur baby, however, you know that they are there for your pets and your pets alone. Who else can give your four-legged buddies that kind of attention besides you? 4. Kiss Kennel Cough Goodbye We hate to say it, but no matter how healthy and clean your pet may be, there's no telling what someone else's pet may be bringing to a boarding facility. When you choose a pet sitter, you don't have to worry about your pets being introduced to new doggy diseases and cat contagions. 5. You Leave Your Home Open for Burgling Business You've probably joked that your dog would greet the burglars as they came through the door. That may very well be the case, but the truth is that Fido is still a great alarm system. Sure, thieves might be welcomed after they cross the threshold, but what thief wants to risk breaking into a home when they hear your lab barking like crazy? Or when they see that your home still looks lived in? The truth of the matter is that Bill the burglar would much rather risk entering the home across the street (because they decided to board their pet), than risk running into your pet or pet sitter because you opted for in-home care. 6. Ever Heard of Kennel Crazy? If you haven't heard enough to keep you turned off from kennels for good, you should check out this study which talks about the real threat boarding your pet has to their mental health. In this study it was observed that dogs who were kenneled showed symptoms similar to humans who suffer from mental illness while being boarded. It was argued in the study that dogs who are accustomed to regular human interaction were particularly affected by kenneling. So, if your pet loves to be around its people, definitely forego the boarding and call Fluff (or your preferred pet sitting service). 7. Two Services for the Price of One Why pay a house sitter and a kennel? Use a pet sitter and get both! Most pet sitters are happy to provide overnight services, or multiple stop-ins. If you ask nicely, your pet sitter will gladly rotate the lights, water your plants, and collect your mail (of course we can't speak for all pet sitters, but we at least we know that Fluff Certified Sitters would be happy to!). Still not convinced pet sitting > boarding for your pet? That's okay! We don't expect you to trust a silly blog over your own experiences. That's why we want you to try Fluff for free! Get a free visit to see if we're a great fit, if not, check out our local pet guide for suggestions on local pet businesses near you. #kennel #boarding #petsitting #betterpetsitter #Dog #petservice

  • The Stuff of Fluff: Why Our Promises Hold Weight

    With a dearth of pet care options out there, we know the competition is ruff (haha...we're punny), that's why we at Fluff have decided to create a superior service that is performed by Fluff Certified Sitters, AND we are prepared to back up our quality service with some prime guarantees. One Mile Guarantee As pet care professionals, we know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and therefore have varying exercise requirements. Still, we want to do our best to ensure that your four-legged buddy is getting the most out of their walk, which is why we endorse all of our Strut Your Mutt services with the One Mile Guarantee. This guarantee means that your mid-sized dog (between 35-65 pounds) will get at least one mile under their paws for every walk conducted by a Fluff Certified Sitter. How will you know? We will send you the GPS route to prove it, every time! Tail Wag Guarantee If we're being honest, we do this job for the tail-wags and the purrs. So it's imperative that each service comes with a completely satisfied client (that means pet and owner). We're so confident that you and your pet will be satisfied with Fluff's level of quality and professionalism, that we guarantee it with the Tail Wag Guarantee. Our Tail Wag Guarantee states that if we don't leave you and your fluffy friends happy, we promise to make it up to you by providing your next service, excluding overnights, completely free. If by some off chance we haven't made it up to you after round two, then we will refund the original cost of your service. We hope that by explaining our guarantees we've reassured you that we aren't all bark and no bite. If you have any questions about our guarantees or service make sure to contact us directly. #fluff #onemileguarantee #tailwagguarantee #guarantee #petsitting #satisfied #service #qualityservice #fluffpromise #dog #pet #ApexNC

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