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Pet Professionals Delivered to Your Door!

You wouldn't trust just anyone to take care of your family...and that includes fur babies! Fluff finds quality animal lovers for you and makes sure that they are prepared to care for your pets. We've outlined our recruiting process below, but you can read more about it in our blog.

All applicants come to us with 5+ years of experience.

Just about everyone loves pets. But that doesn't mean that they're qualified to work with them. Each applicant must have at least 5 years of pet care experience under their belt before they are considered for the Fluff team.

Vetting includes federal, state, and county background checks

When an applicant checks all of the boxes, and has successfully passed a round of interviews, we submit a full court background check. Our screening includes searching records at the federal, state, and county level. 

Trainees are pet First Aid and CPR certified

Once an applicant passes the smell test, we pay for their pet First Aid and CPR certification. This includes and extensive online course, followed by a written test. After they have completed the online portion of their certification, we make sure they know what their doing by requiring them to pass an in-person practical application assessment of what they learned.

Our training prepares your sitter for emergency situations

Does your current sitter know what to do if your pet runs off? Or what if your home is broken into while you're away? Fluff trains each employee on how to handle serious situations like these. We certainly hope they never happen to you, but if they do, your Fluff Sitter is prepared!

Each sitter is insured and bonded through Fluff

We hate to admit it, but we can't control everything. Sometimes accidents happen. If they happen while you're away, you can have the peace of mind that every Fluff Sitter is insured and bonded through the company.

Fluff guarantees you'll be happy with each Fluff pet sitter

We believe in our process and team so much, we're willing to put our money where our mouth is! Each sitter is backed by the Tail Wag Guarantee. Long story short, if you aren't happy with one of our sitters, we'll send another to do the same service for free. If you still think we stink, we'll refund you the original cost of the service. No joke!

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