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Need a Sitter? There's an App for That.

It was thousands of years ago that people domesticated the wild wolf. But just because our relationship with pets is ancient, doesn't mean our technology has to be! Fluff uses Time to Pet, a third party application, and our very own on demand iOS App to connect you to your fur baby wherever you are. Below are some of the amazing benefits you get through each of these awesome tech implementations.

Time To Pet
Fluff Pet Services
Schedule Same-Day Services
Fluff - Pet Services, lets you book same-day services by selecting the time you would like a sitter to arrive at your home. Time to Pet allows you to request same-day services with 8 hours of notice.
Schedule Future Services
Time to Pet lets you schedule services as far in advance as you need them. Unfortunately, this feature is not supported in Fluff - Pet Services.
Available in Android
Time to Pet is available to use with iOS and Android devices. Fluff - Pet Services is currently only available through the Apple App Store.
Available in iOS
Both Time to Pet and Fluff - Pet Services can be found in the Apple App Store.
Update You and Your Pet's Info on the go
You can keep your sitter in the loop by updating you and your pet's information on the run with both of these awesome applications.
Talk to Your Sitter 24/7
In Time to Pet, communicate with your sitter through your conversations tab. With Fluff - Pet Services, talk to your sitter directly in your messages.
Sign Up Instantly
You don't have to wait for our approval. Sign up and start using our services ASAP.
Schedule On Demand Services
Fluff - Pet Services lets you request services right away. It's like an Uber, for your fur kids!
Schedule Online or through the App
Both Time to Pet and Fluff - Pet Services let you schedule through the App! Online scheduling through the web is currently only available with Time to Pet.

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