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It was thousands of years ago that people domesticated the wild wolf. But just because our relationship with pets is ancient, doesn't mean our technology has to be! Fluff uses the Time to Pet, a third party application, to connect you to your fur baby wherever you are. Below are some of the amazing benefits you get through Time to Pet's amazing tech.

You can sign up with Fluff, instantly

We know you're a busy body...otherwise you'd hang out with your fur baby all day everyday. That's why Fluff allows you to create a client portal and instantly schedule a time to meet your local sitter. In fact, click here to start!

Schedule and pay for services with the click of a button

Know when you're heading out of town but don't have time to phone it in? You can schedule services online or via the Time to Pet app. If you leave a card on file, we'll even autodraft for you so you click it, set it, and forget it. It's funny how much more you can relax on vacation when you don't have to worry, am I right?

Connect with your sitter 24/7

Through the Time to Pet app, you can chat with your Fluff Sitter and Fluff Admin 24/7. Send us feedback, give us updates, or just say "Hi!" whenever you need to.

See immediate updates after every visit

No news may be good news but, like any pet parent, you want to know what's going on when you're not home. Fluff sends immediate updates after we visit your pets, complete with cute pictures! You can see these updates via the Time to Pet app, email, or even text.

Leave detailed notes for you and your pets

We bet you're too busy to leave a note behind every time you travel. With your client portal, you can update individual notes for each pet. When you do, your pet sitter will automatically be notified that your notes have changed. So save the paper!

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