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Our Pet Sitting Services


(15 Minutes)

Is your fluffy friend low-maintenance? Can your furry family members survive on the bare necessities? Then a Pup-Stop might be right up their alley!


Our Pup-Stops are a quick 15 minute check-in for your pet. This service includes changing out water, replenishing food, and providing potty breaks. 

Meet & Treat


In a Meet & Treat, our Fluff Certified Sitters will make sure your fluffy family member gets plenty of playtime and individual attention.

Included with this service are food and water refills, litter refreshing (or changing if necessary), potty breaks, and administration of any medicines. Because this is a FlexSit service, your pet sitter won't rush and won't leave until your fur baby is happy! 

Cuddles By the Hour

(Minimum of Two Hours)

Does your fur baby need a constant companion?

Cuddles By the Hourly is Fluff's hourly pet care option. During this time we will walk, play, feed, and do whatever it takes to keep your pet happy while you're away!

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