Frequently Asked Questions

We're not a fan of the old adage, "Curiosity killed the cat." Instead, we appreciate informed clients who know, beyond a shadow of a doubt what they want and what they're getting. Here are some common questions about Fluff. If you have any others, we urge you to contact us for answers.

Our Services

Here are some quick and easy answers about our services. For more detailed information you can always visit the Our Services page or contact us.

Our Policies

Policies can be overly complicated and confusing. That's why we like to be as straightforward as possible. Read on to learn about our policies and how they help ensure the quality of Fluff's services.

How to Get Involved

Are you excited!? We're excited! Here's some answers about how you can stay in the loop and become part of the Fluff team.

Our Tech

You know all about the what and the why, but here comes the how! Learn more about the two Apps we use to make your pet's visits go smoothly.