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Refer a Friend, Get Rewarded!

What do you get when you put together an amazing team of animal lovers and a kick-butt referral program? An amazing, lovable mutt of a company; Fluff Pet Sitting!

We want our customers to know how awesome they are, so our referral program is one of the best out there. Here's the deets...

Discounts Every Time a Friend Signs Up

Your eyeballs saw right. We will give you and your friend a 10% discount on your next service order, when your friend signs up and completes their first round of services.

The catch here? There is none! We will discount any amount of services, so long as they are on the same invoice. So if you're going out of town and need Fluff all week, make sure to tell your neighbor about us first!

Free Services for You and Your Fur Baby

Yep. For every third person you refer, you get a free service (excluding Sleep Rovers). So get to yappin' about how Fluff has done great things for your fuzzy ones!

Want to hear from the community about our awesome service? Check out our five star rating on Google!

Unlock Life-long Savings

So what happens when you convert even more of your friends to the ways of Fluff? When you reach your 10th referral, you get 5% off of services FOR LIFE. This benefit can be unlocked twice for a total of 10% off for life if you successfully refer 20 people to Fluff.

Plus, we'll send your fur baby fun gifts along the way as you start referring.

Oh yeah, when we spoil, we go all in!

So tell your friends, family, and even that guy you don't even like who sits next to you in the break room (because his dog is still probably cool) that Fluff's got the stuff for them!

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