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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: 3 Fall Flavors Your Pet Can Enjoy!

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Ahhhh...September is upon us, and before anyone could even say "Labor Day Weekend" the infamous comeback of the pumpkin spice latte began. Forbes, as well as other reputable news sources, have already begun talking about when Starbucks will announce its favorite fall flavor's return.

All this buzz over pumpkin spice is nothing new, but as a puppy mom (and lover of all four-legged fur balls) I can't help but wonder, what's in it for the pets? Are there any fall flavors that our fluffy friends can enjoy? The answer is...Yes!

1. Pumpkin

The returning champion of the autumn line-up is, of course, pumpkin. But did you know pumpkin has some serious benefits for cats and dogs? Don't go feeding Fido and Snowball sweetened or sugary pumpkin pie filling, but a tbsp or so of spice-free cooked pumpkin on your pet's regular food can help with digestive health, urinary health, and weight loss. Plus, it tastes awesome!

2. Butternut Squash

Okay, okay, we know that butternut squash is just pumpkin's ugly cousin. But when butternut squash lets her hair down and takes off her glasses, it's like she's a whole different autumn starch! Butternut squash is 100% safe for your pet PLUS it provides some amazing health benefits. This veggie is packed with potassium, which promotes heart health in our little furry loved ones.

3. Cranberry

The almighty cranberry packs a big punch for it's small size. Though technically known for its saucy exploits at Christmas (really hoping someone enjoyed that pun), we've thrown it in this article because it deserves some recognition. Cranberries are safe for cats and dogs to enjoy in moderation, and can help with oral health, eye sight, and of course urinary tract infections. Warning: Beware of dried cranberries which can be overly sugary and devoid of nutrition. If your pet likes these treats, feed them raw cranberries sparingly, as too many can upset your fur baby's tummy.

Wrapping it up

Though there are many people foods that pets can't partake in, there's no reason why a bit of wholesome fall flavors can't be enjoyed by our pets. Just remember to use these foods as occasional treats. No one food or flavor can replace a healthy balanced diet!

So what do you think? I'm sure I missed plenty of options for the Fidos and Snowballs in our lives. Are there any other fall foods you like to share with your pet? Comment below!

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