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3 Popular Workouts You Can do with Your Dog

The New Year and all of our resolutions for 2022 are here! Many of us like to start off with aspirations of a healthier lifestyle. Lucky for us dog owners, we already have a workout buddy ready to support our more active lifestyle. Here are three great pup-friendly workouts!

1) Running or Jogging

While dogs may be more docile than their wolf ancestors, we couldn't (and wouldn't) breed away their natural love of running! Because our four-legged buddies love the outdoors and jogging so much, they make the perfect running partners. Personal Challenge: Dogs are born to be power sprinters. Entertain your pet and push your limits by racing against your dog as part of interval training. You might be surprised at how much your fur baby can help improve your run time!

2) Hiking

As professional pet sitters, we know from just a few walks how curious and adventurous our pups can be. That's what makes them the perfect hiking buddies! Just remember, if your fur baby isn't used to traversing long trails, make sure you give them time to build up their stamina too. Personal Challenge: Our canine buddies need mental stimulation, just like we do. That's why going new places or taking them to different routes is important to help satiate their curious minds. This year, challenge yourself to explore different trails or areas as part of your hiking goals.

3) Frisbee

What's more iconic than tossing a frisbee for your fur buddy? Not much! But don't think that you have to sit still while your dog gets all that heart-healthy cardio. Frisbee games have evolved into many active sports, like ultimate frisbee and disc golf. Personal Challenge: While your dog may help you work up a sweat now and again, you may want to step up your workout routine by inviting some structure. Join a local ultimate frisbee league or set up one yourself!

Need more info?

For local running and hiking trails that are pet-friendly, check out this local guide. If you're interested in joining a local ultimate frisbee league, look here. Or if you want to enjoy a local disc golf course, there's a great public location here.

If you're looking for help getting your dog some appropriate exercise, or you just need a rest day, Fluff provides a mile of exercise for your pet on each walk, guaranteed! To learn more about our services, visit our website. Or, if you'd like to meet your local sitter, get your free, no obligation consultation here!


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