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Josephine Baker: The Crazy Cool Cat Lady of the 1920s

As we gear up to celebrate Black History Month, we at Fluff Pet Sitting want to shed light on a real-life superhero who dazzled on stage and loved pets—Josephine Baker.

A Dazzling Performer and Civil Rights Trailblazer

Born in 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri, Josephine Baker danced her way into the hearts of millions and became the toast of Europe. Moving to France as a young woman, she was the cat's meow in the Jazz Age, so much so that she earned the nickname "Black Pearl."

But did you know she was not just a super talented performer, but also a super spy? During World War II, Baker used her performances as a cover to collect intelligence for the French Resistance. And let's not forget her courageous stand for civil rights back home in the United States, where she refused to perform in segregated venues and even shared the stage with Martin Luther King Jr. at the March on Washington.

Josephine's Pets: More Than Just Companions

But let's hit the paws button on her amazing career for a second. Josephine Baker was also an animal lover extraordinaire. From dogs and cats to monkeys and even a cheetah, Baker had a heart big enough to love them all. She often referred to her pets as her "family" and gave them the star treatment they deserved.

One of Josephine Baker's most iconic pets was her cheetah, Chiquita. This regal creature was more than just a pet to Josephine; it was a part of her life, her performances, and her public image. Chiquita was a constant presence in Josephine's life, accompanying her everywhere, even to public events and performances. In fact, Josephine once brought Chiquita to a theater, so the cheetah could "see the cheetahs" on the big screen​1​. That's right, Josephine Baker, always the trendsetter, had a pet-friendly approach long before it became popular.

Chiquita wasn't just a passive observer either. Dressed in a diamond collar, Chiquita often shared the stage with Josephine in Paris nightclubs. However, Chiquita had a wild streak. During performances, she would sometimes decide to jump off the stage and into the orchestra pit, causing quite a stir among the audience​1​. And when not performing, Chiquita would accompany Josephine on her walks. Imagine the scene: Josephine Baker, strolling down the famous Champs-Élysées in Paris, with a cheetah by her side. It was a sight that definitely turned heads and left a lasting impression on the onlookers​1​. Chiquita wasn't just a pet; she was a companion, a part of Josephine's performances, and a statement. Josephine's love for her pets went beyond the conventional. It was a testament to her bold personality, her love for the unconventional, and her ability to challenge the norms.

So, the next time you're out on a pet walk or offering pet-sitting services, remember Josephine Baker and her cheetah, Chiquita. Like Josephine, make each moment with your pets unforgettable, filled with love, fun, and a touch of the extraordinary. Because pets, as Josephine showed us, can be so much more than just pets. They can be companions, co-stars, and lifelong friends.

Fluff Pet Sitting: Your Pet's Second Family

Here at Fluff Pet Sitting, we totally vibe with Baker's love for animals. Every pet, be it a dog, a cat, or an exotic pet, deserves love and the best care—whether you're home or away. That's where we come in!

We provide top-notch pet-sitting services, tailored to the needs of your furry, feathered, or scaly friends. Need a professional dog walker to keep Fido fit? We've got you covered. Got a trip coming up and can't take your feline friend with you? Our cat-sitting service is purr-fect for you. And for those of you with exotic pets, our pet sitters are skilled in taking care of a variety of animals, just like Baker's diverse pet family.

Celebrate Black History Month with Fluff Pet Sitting

So let's celebrate Josephine Baker's legacy this Black History Month by continuing to give our pets the love and care they deserve. You can give us a try for free or meet your local sitter during a free consultation. We're here to make sure they get the star treatment, just like the pets of the fabulous Josephine Baker!


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