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The Stuff of Fluff: Why Our Promises Hold Weight

With a dearth of pet care options out there, we know the competition is ruff (haha...we're punny), that's why we at Fluff have decided to create a superior service that is performed by Fluff Certified Sitters, AND we are prepared to back up our quality service with some prime guarantees.

One Mile Guarantee

As pet care professionals, we know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and therefore have varying exercise requirements. Still, we want to do our best to ensure that your four-legged buddy is getting the most out of their walk, which is why we endorse all of our Strut Your Mutt services with the One Mile Guarantee.

This guarantee means that your mid-sized dog (between 35-65 pounds) will get at least one mile under their paws for every walk conducted by a Fluff Certified Sitter. How will you know? We will send you the GPS route to prove it, every time!

Tail Wag Guarantee

If we're being honest, we do this job for the tail-wags and the purrs. So it's imperative that each service comes with a completely satisfied client (that means pet and owner). We're so confident that you and your pet will be satisfied with Fluff's level of quality and professionalism, that we guarantee it with the Tail Wag Guarantee.

Our Tail Wag Guarantee states that if we don't leave you and your fluffy friends happy, we promise to make it up to you by providing your next service, excluding overnights, completely free. If by some off chance we haven't made it up to you after round two, then we will refund the original cost of your service.

We hope that by explaining our guarantees we've reassured you that we aren't all bark and no bite. If you have any questions about our guarantees or service make sure to contact us directly.

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