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Requesting a Service

1. Open the Fluff - Pet Services App and login.
2. On the primary page, click the dog icon where it says "Tap here to make a request."
3. Select which service you would like. The current options are "Meet and Treat" and "Strut Your Mutt". Meet and Treats are our standard pet sitting service. Strut Your Mutts are our walking service that come with a full mile of exercise for your baby.
Visit the Services page to learn more.
4. Next, select the time you want your service. You can select the following
  • ASAP - for immediate service
  • Later Today - to select a time later in the day for your sitter to arrive
  • Another Day - this option will bring you to our third party software, Time to Pet, to schedule future services.
5. Enter your address by selecting from your home locations.
6. Select which pets your sitter will be helping during their visit.
7. Add any special notes for this particular visit.
8. Select or add a payment option. You will only be charged once your service is successfully completed.
9. Click "Go Fetch My Sitter!" and you will be paired with a sitter right away!
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